University of Massachusetts Lowell
Doctor of Nursing Practice program

Services Provided

  • Interviewed current students
  • Captured photos
  • Wrote copy
  • Managed process including approvals, design and printing


During interviews with current adult students, we discovered that nurses pursue Ph.D. degrees because they have dreams on how they can change the healthcare system. They are in the trenches, doing the work, but in order to make a difference, they need to gain leadership and policy skills. “Everyone has a dream” became the foundation of the messaging that’s integrated into hardcopy and electronic materials, backed by testimonials:

“My dream is to work in health care policy so that I can broaden the role of nurse practitioners. I would like to have a more independent practice so that I can take better care of my patients. There’s so much more we can do if policies were changed.”
“My dream is to design a residency for new nurse practitioners to expose them to the challenging, yet satisfying world of community health. I know that nurse practitioners are an integral part of making health care for all a cost-effective reality.”
“My dream is for patients to have culturally competent appointments. In the future, I want to teach at the university level so that I can fight minority stereotypes and teach by example.”