A message from the Founder Karen Angelo

Marketing communications has always come naturally to me. Not that I didn’t have a lot to learn, especially from my mentors at Hewlett-Packard, but because I am curious. I’m interested in people, what they think and what they care about. I’m inquisitive, I ask a lot of questions and I want to know what motivates people – in both my personal and professional life.

Why do these traits translate into powerful marketing programs? Because marketing is about:

  • Knowing what makes people tick.
  • Knowing what resonates with them.
  • Walking in their shoes.

I discover the answers through discussions with you, your clients and by conducting research. Only then do I begin creating solutions that are on message, helping you raise visibility and generate business.

Working with a team of graphic designers, web developers and videographers, I create integrated marketing programs for clients. However, I can also work in tandem with your creative staff. It’s your choice.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.